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Q & A: Interning with the 30HF


Hey there! My name is Ellie and I’m the 30 Hour Famine intern.

Name: Ellie Hutchison

Age: 18

From: Shoreview, Minnesota

Interests: Fair Trade business, social justice, travel

Fun Fact: I’m a competitive monopoly player

Q: How did you end up interning with the 30 Hour Famine?

EH: In March of 2011 I planned a 30 Hour Famine event at my high school. I raised over $360 which made me eligible to apply for the Study Tour. Every year, the 30HF takes a handful of students overseas on the Study Tour to see how the money they raised is being used to change lives. I was chosen and got to go to Burundi this past August! It was an incredible trip and I would encourage every student to apply. While on the trip, our awesome leader Michele asked me if I would be interested in interning this fall at World Vision. I said yes!

Q & A: One Youth Pastor to Another


Interested in doing the 30 Hour Famine, but first want to get the low down from veteran youth leaders? Hear from five leaders to learn why they do the 30 Hour Famine, and how they manage a  group of hungry teens for 30 hours! With years of famine experience under their belt, Becca, Jared, and Bobby of Cornerstone Poway church near San Diego, are seasoned 30HF experts. They agree it’s their best event of the year. Read on to also hear from Jonathan and Mansel of Clovis Hills Community Church in Clovis, California and learn about their unique experience with the 30HF.

God is Love


Growing up in the church, I’ve always been around ‘Christian-ese.’ I’ve heard thousands of sermons and they often seem complex and repetitive. Let’s bring it back to the basics. No fancy talk. God loves us, and there is nothing we can do to earn that love. Today I hope you soak in the simple, crazy reality that God loves you, just as you are.

White Man by the Michael Gungor Band

Revolve Girl: Emma’s Story


Hi, my name is Emma.

I’m a teenager and I live on the east coast.  This summer, my life was completely transformed. Looking back on my life at this time last year, I was a completely different person. I had never heard of Revolve, and I had certainly never heard of Burundi.  I now realize that God was laying out an amazing plan for my life, without me even knowing it.

Country Profile: Afghanistan


The mountainous country of Afghanistan lies in south-central Asia. Despite vast natural resources, Afghanistan is burdened with extreme poverty. With a long history of political instability and war, families often face shortages in food, housing, clean water, electricity, healthcare, and jobs. World Vision is working in Afghanistan to help families recover from the effects of conflict and equip them to build a better future. Read on to learn more about this country and what World Vision is doing there.

Fast facts:

  • Capital: Kabul
  • Population: 26.1 million
  • Life expectancy: 44 years
  • Literacy rate: 28%
  • Religion: 99% Muslim
  • Nearly one in every five children dies before the age of 5

Spirit of Christmas Tour: How Chickens Bring Hope


The 2011 Spirit of Christmas Tour is currently visiting Sri Lanka and Zambia to hear firsthand stories of how the World Vision gift catalog has changed lives. Through the gift catalog, you can provide a family in need with a cow, access to clean water, medical care and more! Join us on the journey and check out this video about how the gift of chickens has brought hope to a family.

How To: Socially-Conscious Christmas Tips!


Thanksgiving is behind us, the grocery store has been playing Jingle Bells for weeks and twinkling lights are making their way our of our basement. Let’s face it, tis the season! Christmas is a perfect time for us to focus on what truly matters. Not to mention take some time off from school and work!

As you look forward to relaxing with the fam & sipping  eggnog, read over these tips on how to make your Christmas extra cheery! Learn how YOUR simple actions  can have a positive effect—not only for you—but for the environment as well as people around the world. That’s what I call smart shopping!

Emma is the Famine


Meet Emma. She’s a passionate little fire-cracker aching to end hunger.

Emma charmed the 30 Hour Famine Team during her interview for the 2011 Study Tour with her passionate monologues. But it’s not just her acting that caught our attention. As a first year Famine student, she didn’t let that slow her down one bit. See what words of wisdom this awesome girl has to share.

Hunger isn’t just a stomach thing


Hunger has deadly effects that last a lifetime, especially for malnourished children. The effects of hunger include lack of energy due to a “starved” brain, an unhealthy heart, kindey and immune system failure, cracked skin that makes one prone to infection, and weakened bones that prevent proper growth.

Be Inspired: Three Youth Leaders and a Burlap Corn Sack


Once upon a time there were three inspirational youth leaders and a sack of corn named Veronica. Well, this was actually just last week at the National Youth Workers Convention in Atlanta. The 30 Hour Famine team set up a mock refugee tent. In our tent we had a station with two burlap sacks of corn, to show the weight of a healthy 3 year old (30 lbs) vs. a malnourished 3 year old (15 lbs.) Walking by our booth, Chris, Jordan and Blair, took an immediate interest in the corn sacks. They decided to ‘adopt’ the malnourished sack for the weekend, name her Veronica, and vowed to take her everywhere (even Chik-fil-a) and spread the word about hunger.