What is the 30 Hour Famine?

Take a virtual youth group retreat, thought-provoking Bible studies, games, inspirational videos, and more — and mash them all up into an unforgettable day-and-a-half of going without food to raise funds for the hungry. It’s fully customizable for groups of all sizes, so you get a ready-made event designed to impact your students. Intrigued?

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Faith In Action

The 30 Hour Famine is going Virtual!

Just like you're now connecting your church family virtually on Sundays, we want to help you connect your students virtually for 30 Hour Famine.

We'll equip you with all the resources you need to lead a virtual Famine event that will allow students to still connect with one another and make an impact for those in need from the safety of their own home.

You'll get resources including games, discussions, and a new Leader's Guide to combat isolation and bring your students event closer together.

Leaders: Text 2020LEADER to 44888 to walk you through tips, facts, and information before and after your Famine.

Students: Text 2020STUDENT to 44888 to get sneak peeks, encouragement, and ways to prep for your Famine!


Why hunger?

One in nine people in the world don’t get enough to eat. Many poor farmers can’t grow enough food to feed their own families, much less sell to get income for essentials like education and healthcare. That’s why World Vision partners with communities to address immediate food needs — but also to equip them to grow food for the long term. And this change happens when groups like yours raise money through the 30 Hour Famine!

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Famine materials — designed by leaders, for leaders.

Sign up now to get your Event Kit. Your Kit includes all the FREE resources you need to educate and motivate your students to fight hunger. Resources for you … life-changing 30 hours for your students.



Hang it in your youth room to keep the event — and fundraising! — fresh in everyone’s minds.

Videos, game supplements, promo materials, and lots more. 

Some info for parents whose children will be doing the Famine, so they’re up to speed on the event details.

Everything a leader needs to pull off a fabulous Famine event.

We made it orange so it’s harder to lose, because it’s what you’ll need to track fundraising and mail it in.

A simple guide that walks students through the purpose of the Famine and tips for fundraising.

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