Famine Dollars into Food


This is the story of how dollars, checks and even coins collected for the 30 Hour Famine are now filling bellies in the field. Team Burundi is on the ground, and right now, Emma T,  Carter, Ellie, George, Abby, Emma N, Robert, Nicole and Preston are your eyes and ears into how Famine funds are helping real kids in need.

Team Burundi spent their day at an orphanage in the village of Gaswore. Famine funds are helping to provide sustainable food sources and improve the living conditions for the 45 children who live there. “They are using World Vision funds to expand the orphanage because currently there are 2-3 children sharing a bed,” said Ellie.

The Burundan children living at the orphanage have lost their parents and don’t have family to look after them. “Some of the orphans there were from semi-natural circumstances such as the wars and diseases that took their parents. Others were left at the orphanage when they were very young because the mothers were having to flee and could not take care of them,” explains Carter.

These children are depending on loyal community members and World Vision’s resources to help them meet basic needs. Famine funds have supported agriculture programs in this area, helping to provide healthy crops and animals for the community. “The orphans then showed us their pineapples, bananas, chickens, ducks, goats, and rabbits. This showed me another example of how the funds are being put to work to make the people self-sustaining because all of the animals provided a product as well as a meat source.” said Carter

Your Famine funds have changed these children’s lives by providing them with food they wouldn’t have access to otherwise. Even items as simple as bananas and pineapple have made a world of difference to those in Gaswore, Burundi. “I’m shocked about how much of everything was funded by World Vision and 30 Hour Famine funds. …It’s great to see the effort of youth groups around the Nation and around the world have paid off so much,” said Robert.

Already, the students of Team Burudi have had their eyes opened, realizing that hunger is so much more than numbers. Hunger is a reality for people in Burundi, as is their strength, resilience and joy.  “The people of Burundi are not statistics; they are amazing loving, friendly, and inviting faces. My abstract view of hunger became a reality,” said Emma N.

Through the choices we make, even thousands of miles away, we are able to make a tangible difference in the lives of those living in poverty. 30 Hour Famine funds are at work in countries like Burundi, slowly building a brighter future for children and their families. “Though we experienced many other things today, the progress that I could see and the perseverance I could feel in the people, showed me that Burundi’s poverty is not beyond the point of no return, it will simply take a lot of time, effort, and support to dig out of this hole they are in,” said Carter.