Fight Famine with Famine


The first, actual famine of the 21st century is happening right now in the Horn of Africa. Unlike the Famine we do, this one won’t end in 30 hours. The rains didn’t come to a large portion of East Africa and as a result, crops failed, animals died, and families have been forced to leave their homes in order to survive,  just like Abdifatah and his family. Already, 30,000 children have lost their lives. An estimated 12.4 million people are being affected by this crisis. This famine is quickly spreading to other regions of Africa, and unless we take action to fight against it, it won’t be going  anywhere soon. It’s entirely possible to end the Famine, but we can’t do it alone. World Vision staff is working hard to distribute food, water and supplies to those in urgent need, and we are asking for your help.

Each year, hundreds of thousands students just like  you from across the country fast for 30 hours, while raising funds, and speaking out about the issue of global hunger. You take time to understand someone else’s hardship. You experience what it’s like to go bed with an empty stomach, and wake up still feeling hungry. We think that’s pretty great. But even more than that, you impact the lives of real people who are feeling real hunger. You take God’s call on our lives to serve the poor seriously. We can’t think of a better group of people to help us win the fight against famine. We know that with your help we can bring food, water, and life back the people suffering in the Horn of Africa.

 Here’s how to help:

Pray- Ask God to bring Rain to the horn of Africa. Pray that media outlets would give this story the attention it deserves. Pray that  supplies would reach people who need it most.

Donate- Give what you can. No amount is too small. Right now, when you donate through this link, your gift will be matched up to 5 times through government grants.

Do the Famine- We have created the option to designate your 30 Hour Famine funds to the Horn of Africa, to bring much needed food and water to those affected.

Act- Do your own mini-fast. Instead of going out for a meal, donate the money you would have spent instead. Grab friends to do it with you and watch your impact increase.

Spread the word– Today, tomorrow, and Wednesday, we will be tweeting about the Horn of Africa. Follow the hash tags #faminenomore, #HornofAfrica and #30HF and retweet to spread the word. Let’s make them trending topics!