Follow the Journey



Today marks the start of two very important journeys. Both have been tediously prepared for, long awaited, and have the potential to change a whole lot. We have been bursting at the seams with excitement, because there is so much we have to share with you. After months of waiting, here we are.

Where exactly is here? We’re so glad you asked. Here is our first blog post. That’s right world. As you move your eyes across the screen, you are experiencing our first step into the blogosphere! We are on a mission to eliminate world hunger. Think of this like the journal we are keeping as we experience our epic adventure. You’ll read about the impact your Famine funds are making in people’s lives across the globe. You can learn more about how hunger connects to other important issues like education, clean water, or disease. We’ll talk about what it means to respond to God’s call on our lives to care for the poor. You might also learn a thing or two about how to kick your Famine up a notch. We can’t wait to hear your stories about your experience with the Famine and publish them here. Annnnd we’ll have the occasional Famine funny business, because what is an epic adventure without some comedic relief? Today is the start of something good, and we really hope you join us.

Now that you are up to speed on reason number one of why today is awesome, let me tell you reason number two.  Today is the first full day the Study Tour Team is in Burundi! The study tour is our chance to take a handful of students overseas to see where Famine funds have gone. We hope this is your chance to learn from their experience, hear their stories, and be encouraged. The 30 Hour Famine is more than just a youth group event. It’s a life changing event. We hope that it changes your thoughts and ideas about our need to care for the poor, and the way you look at the blessings in your own life. But do you know that you doing the Famine changes someone else’s life? World Vision takes the money you raise and works with people to help them have sustainable food sources. That’s right. The money you raised is feeding people in a “teach a man to fish” kind of way. So as Emma, Emma, Carter, Ellie, George, Robert, Abby, Nicole and Preston traverse the Burundan terrain and see where Famine funds have gone this year, we hope you will tune in and listen up. It’s your Famine funds that are making changes, so we hope you celebrate those changes!

So we know that is a whole lot of excitement. But we have one more exciting thing to share. We want you to be a part of the experience of study tour, and we thought giving you guys a way to interact would help with that. You can post questions here for Team Burundi.  Tweet them to us (@30HF #studytour). Facebook them to us. And Friday, check back to see if yours got answered.