Great Adventures End, Memories Live on


The nine members of Team Burundi spent countless hours traveling, skipped out on personal hygiene for an entire week, took steps outside of their comfort zones, and ultimately, fell in love with the country ofBurundi. Each of them leapt wholeheartedly into the adventure of a lifetime. They visited places they had never heard of, tasted foods they had never tried, and most importantly, they met some amazing individuals who will never be forgotten.

After 10 days in Africa, the members of Team Burundi have returned to their home states and their normal lives. Everything was just how they left it, with one big exception…them. Preston, Carter, George, Robert, Emma N., Emma T., Ellie, Nicole, and Abby are forever changed. They will carry with them the sights, stories, smells, and memories for the rest of their lives. Who they are as people, and how they view the world around them has been shaped by their individual experiences in Burundi. We hope these memories serve as vivid reminders of the call God has placed in our hearts to love and serve our neighbors. Even those half a world away.