You asked. They answered.



We’ve got to admit, your curiosity about Burundi pulled out all the stops.  Team Burundi champed it out and got answers to your questions half a world away! After numerous skype calls, emails, text messages, tweets, blog comments and Facebook posts from around the U.S. and the globe, we have answers!

How many people are in the average family unit?

The average Burundian family has 6-8 people.

What is the average age of a Burundan?

Most of the residents in Gaswore, the area where Team Burundi currently is, are in their early-mid twenties.

Have you encountered any cultural or familial customs unique to Burundi or that region of Africa?

One custom that Team Burundi has observed is that men hold hands with one another. This is considered a sign of friendship and is normal in their culture. Another cultural difference is the driving. The roads are often times very chaotic and horns are used more frequently. Like in most cultures, the family dynamics vary as well. In Burundi, if a family has multiple children, the older siblings have a responsibility to care for their younger brothers and sisters. Also, unlike in the U.S., young children are expected to work in order to help support their families.

Do teenagers in Burundi attend high school? Or do they work?

 Some teenagers attend high school and others find work. Most teenagers find a way to do both, depending on the labor need at the time.

What do teenagers like to do for fun?

Burundans in general are very passionate about football (or, what Americans generally refer to as soccer). Like teens in the U.S., they also enjoy listening to music and dancing.

How do you feel seeing the difference in living conditions compared to the ones you are accustomed to?

Team Burundi has been humbled and saddened by seeing the conditions that people live in. Almost every aspect- from education, to entertainment, to work, to their home lives, differ greatly from ours. Students have felt guilty at times seeing how much they have and how much others don’t.

 Thank you to everyone who submitted questions, we’re sorry we couldn’t answer all of them. But  we hope this is only the kickoff of your desire to learn more about Burundi.  Keep being inquisitive!  We will continue to update our blog with Burundian adventures, so please keep checking back!