ACT:S of Faith and Justice


Calling all high school seniors. For many of you, this fall will be a season of transition. Whether you are headed off to college, starting a new job, or chasing your dreams in another way, we are so excited for you in this next phase of life! Students who participate in the 30 Hour Famine continually amaze and inspire us, and this year’s graduating class is no different. We are grateful for every hour you fasted, each dollar you raised and your courage to stand up for kids in need. We sincerely thank you for making the Famine a part of your high school experience.

As you end this chapter and begin another, we would love for you to continue to partner with World Vision to speak out on behalf of the poor. World Vision ACT:S is a great outlet for your passion for social justice. ACT:S is a network of college students who are committed to raising funds and awareness  for issues such as world hunger, child  slavery, AIDS, and malaria. ACT:S provides students with the resources they need to bring their talents, creativity and heart to their community for worthwhile causes. Students form an ACT:S Chapter, which is  essentially a group of students who are excited to take action for issues they care about. These Chapters will often participate in campaigns, or choose an issue to advocate for, and host awareness events to educate their communities.

So what are you waiting for? Since you have done the 30 Hour Famine, we know you have a heart for social justice, and a willingness to take action on behalf of the poor. We can only imagine the incredible impact you will make as your passion continues to grow. You and ACT:S can help create a better future for people in need.

Sam Bender from World Vision’s ACT:S team offers a few tips on how to get involved:

1. Start researching. Find out if the school you’re going to already has an ACT:S chapter established, or if there are people who have done campaigns with ACT:S and get in touch with them.

2. No ACT:S chapter? Start your own! Find 5+ friends who care about the same things and sign up to do one of our campaigns! Even the smallest of groups can make a huge difference!

3. Not ready to decide? No worries! Sign up to be a part of the ACT:S Network and receive bi-weekly updates on what were doing, issues you may be interested in, and how to respond, either through personal prayer or action. .

Check out what ACT:S is up to by finding them online at  on Twitter or Facebook