Are You Suffering from Teenage Affluenza?


There’s an epidemic spreading across the United States called Teenage Affluenza. Are you suffering from it? Watch the video below, and take some time to think through these questions.

1)      Do you identify with Jeanie (who is suffering from teenage affluenza) in the video? Why or why not?

2)      Can you remember the last time you really wanted something and got it? Maybe it was a new bike, a new outfit, or a  certain type of cell phone. Did getting that item make you feel happy and fulfilled? If so, did that feeling last?

3)      How does seeing Annie’s lifestyle make you feel about the way you live?

4)      How do the challenges that Annie faces compare to the challenges Jeanie faces?

5)      How do you think God wants you to feel about the material posessions you own?

6)      What are some ways we can be more appreciative of what we have?

7)      How can you help people who are in need around the world like Annie? How can you help people in your own neighborhood?

Don’t be another victim of teenage affluenza- the next time you feel you’re being caught up in the drama of a “first world problem” like your bed sheet thread count, remember Annie and the reality she faces.  For some extra reading material, check out Matthew 19:16-30, the story of the rich young ruler.