Fight Hunger with Food


Going 30 hours without food is an experience you will never forget.  It will give you a glimpse of how different your life would be if enough food wasn’t always available to you.  Energy lags, it’s hard to focus, and you will hear your stomach growing for food like you’ve never heard it before.Fasting is a central part of the Famine because it brings the facts about global hunger to life. Giving up food for 30 hours will help you identify with the poor in a whole new way. However, for some of you, there are serious medical conditions or nutritional needs that make fasting difficult, unsafe, or impossible. If that is the case, it’s OK – you can still participate in the 30 Hour Famine.

You can still learn about hunger, advocate for the poor, raise funds, play games, have fun with your friends, and serve others, even if you aren’t fasting from food. An alternative fast is a great option. You can give up your cell phone, Facebook, or video games for a sacrificial period of time. These are different ways to challenge yourself that can still give you a taste of what life might be like if you were living with less material wealth. An inability to fast from food should never keep you from doing the 30 Hour Famine.

After the Famine, your fast will end but the impact the experience has on you and those you are helping to feed and care for is just beginning. When your 30 hours are up, your funds are sent to World Vision, and that money goes to bring life-giving food and care to people around the world who need it most (feel free to remind your Youth Leader about this so they send us your funds ASAP). You will never forget what these 30 hours will teach you. The way you see poverty, hunger, the world will change, and you will come away with a renewed sense of hope and belief that YOU can make a real impact. This passion for serving the poor will stay with you, and the sense of gratitude for the things you have will deepen.

So don’t let an inability to fast keep you from giving the 30 Hour Famine everything you’ve got. You can change lives around the world by fundraising, and live your life differently because of the things you’ve learned by going without, so that others can eat.