Hunger 101: Bringing 30 Hour Famine to Your Campus


Want to do the 30 Hour Famine, but your youth leader isn’t planning to sign up? Here’s your chance to bring the Famine to your school campus!

Ellie Hutchison, who traveled with 30HF to Burundi on the study tour just last month, heard about Famine and brought it to her campus when she was 17. She and her fellow students set a fundraising goal of $1,000. When their Famine was over they ended up with over $6,000!  Inspired? Here’s some helpful advice from Ellie on how to share the Famine with your fellow students:

Get an adult to help

Is there a teacher you’re really close to who will oversee your effort to bring the Famine to your campus? Could you ask your homeroom teacher, coach, or a faculty member who supports your schools’ Christian or social justice club? Set up some time with them to tell them about the Famine. Take them to to learn more and sign up. You will need an adult to sign up for your Famine event, so this step is critical.  This person can also help you figure out if you need special permission from your school to do the event on campus. (You also may be able to use the Famine to get service learning credit, so ask about that too.)

“I got started by asking a teacher for help,” said Ellie.  “After he agreed, we sat down and signed up online at, then we planned the logistics of the event. We set a date, decided where we would designate our funds, and recruited other students to promote the Famine and help plan the events that would take place while we were fasting.”

Become an event planner

Once you have a date set, adult support, and school permission, you can get started. When you sign up, we send you FREE materials to you (worth $50 bucks), to make sure have everything you need to plan your event. It includes activity ideas, interactive games, videos, fundraising tips, promotional tools, and more. You’ll find that the 30 Hour Famine can be easily customized to the size of your group, when you have your event, and what you want to do while you’re fasting. For example, Ellie’s group decided to forego the overnight portion that usually accompanies Famine events.

“We did the Famine during the school week and broke the fast on the second day at lunchtime,” said Ellie. “We thought about doing it on a weekend, but it was too difficult with sports, plays, and other school activities happening.”

So get creative. Grab some of your friends and start brainstorming. Think about your school and your student body. What is going to get people excited and involved?

Fundraise, fundraise, fundraise

This is the most important part of the 30 Hour Famine. You can learn about hunger and fast to identify with those living in poverty, but without Famine funds, those desperate for life saving food and care aren’t helped.  We know that and it’s never comfortable to put yourself out there and ask people for money, but remember that all you have to do is ask. On campus, this can be as simple as collecting spare change from people’s lunches. Every little bit helps, and that change can add up fast. That’s how Ellie’s group raised over $6,000.

“The main way we raised funds was by putting collection jars in every classroom in the school. Teachers passed them around everyday in their classes. We did that for a few weeks before our Famine,” explained Ellie. “Students also raised money individually. Some went door to door in our neighborhoods explaining the Famine and the issue of global poverty. From there, it wasn’t hard to ask for a donation, and people were very willing to give.”

Beyond simply asking for donations, fundraising events are an effective way to get people excited and raise some funds.  How about a dodge ball tournament with a $5 entry fee? A cupcake sale or car wash? Can you volunteer to help teachers after school in exchange for Famine donations? What about organizing a lip syncing contest and charge $3 for admission? Or maybe you can get the cool band in your town to play a show and donate the proceeds to your 30 Hour Famine. With a little creativity, you can come up with some great, effective ideas that are sure to get some attention, and garner donations.

So what are you waiting for? We know you are passionate, talented, and creative. Why not use those gifts to help those in need? We guarantee it will be a good time, it will bring you and your classmates closer together, and the impact will be greater than you ever know. Sign up for the Famine and be a part of the movement to Overcome Hunger!