Lauren is the Famine



Participating in the 2010 Study Tour allowed Lauren to meet people experiencing extreme poverty, and today she is even more passionate about serving those in need.  Lauren is attending Humboldt this fall and plans to continue making a difference in the Peace Corps! Read about the Famine experience that inspired her.

During the 30 Hour Famine, I felt… anxious, scared, tired, and excited. I was such a bundle of different emotions, but what kept me under control and at peace was knowing that God was there right beside me.

The most difficult hour of the Famine was… probably the last just because I knew it was so close to the end, finally getting our meal, but that last hour seemed to take forever. 

I knew I wanted to make a difference in the world when… I did the famine for the first time as a freshman in high school. I loved the idea of raising money for children all over the world and having the chance to actually feel what they feel. It made me realize I could not just sit there and continue to let them feel that. I wanted to help them.

I love… God.

I was changed by the Famine because… I know now what my purpose is in life. To help others, however that may be… God will be there at my side to cheer me on.

My advice to someone thinking about doing the Famine is… do it. It is a great experience and you will grow and learn so many things.

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