Racing to End Hunger


In the past, people have done some crazy things for the 30 Hour Famine, but Patrick Frank of Aurora, Colorado is a Famine first. Say hello to the first Famine Racecar and competitive driver!

Patrick has been participating in the Famine for 8 years with his youth group, but decided he wanted to do something more. “After seeing how big of an impact our contributions had, and realizing how much more publicity and response a race car could gain, I figured there was nothing to lose.”

Patrick has grown up around racing, and says that “racing is in my blood.” He went to his first race before his first birthday, and has spent each summer at the track since. Patrick learned the ropes of racing by shadowing his father who is in charge of timing and scoring races. Patrick got behind the wheel of his first competitive race car in 2009, and in 2010 got “The Famine Car,” a 84 Mazda RX7 detailed with the 30 Hour Famine logo. Patrick races “The Famine Car” in Sports Car Club of America Races, competing on various tracks and speeds ranging from 20mph –100mph!

While racing may be a rush, Patrick has been deeply impacted by his experience with the Famine. “We always complain about how little we have, yet others rejoice just to have a fraction of what we take for granted,” he said. ”It’s been eye-opening and inspirational.”

Patrick creatively combined his talent for racing with his passion for the Famine. As your Famine event approaches, we challenge you to take what you love, and use it to raise awareness about world hunger. Leave a comment explaining how you hope to spread the word about the Famine this year.