So Long Summer, Hello Fall!


Hi, I’m Lindsey and I work for the Famine team. Last summer I moved from Southern California to Seattle to work for World Vision. I quickly discovered that Washington’s version of fall is very different than California’s.  Last year, as I experienced my first true fall, I learned to love the crisp autumn air. I watched leaves change color, and saw the change from summer to fall and fall to winter. This transition between seasons is not one I’d experienced so dramatically before.

It’s about that time of year when fall is knocking on the door, and I am so excited to let it in.  Whether you are a fall enthusiast, or reluctant to let summer go, here are my top 5 favorite things to help you get excited for the season:

5) Pumpkin everything. When I say everything, I mean it. Pumpkin spice lattes, pumpkin bread, pumpkin pie, pumpkin custard. Last fall I even tried a new recipe for pumpkin mac n’ cheese (all in all, not a terrible experience). The return of fall means pumpkin flavors in abundance, so soak it up while you can!  Need some inspiration to get started?  Here’s one of my favorite pumpkin bread recipes.

4) Scarves, boots, and hats.  Maybe you’re not all as excited as I am about this, but fall offers some pretty great accessorizing opportunities. Brisk weather is a great excuse to get creative with hats, scarves, and gloves. Need to update your fall accessories? Keep your head warm with a super cool beanie from Krochet Kids- it gives back.  Each beanie is handmade by women being taught valuable job skills. Check out their story here. 

3) Fall sports.  Football, soccer, and the World Series. Fall means the kick off to a whole season of excitement for sports. Whether or not you’re a sports nut, it’s still fun to cheer on your local high school football teams, or even the neighborhood kid’s soccer team. If you’re a fan of the big games, invite friends over to watch your favorite college or pro teams. Plus, it gives you an excuse to make nachos.

2) Blustery days.  Nothing says chilly fall weather outside like a warm and cozy day inside. Grab a book, your Snuggie, and a pumpkin spice latte for a lovely autumn afternoon in. For those of you in youth ministry, check our one of our current favorites – Almost Christian.

1) Crunchy, colorful leaves. If you live in a place that experiences seasons (sorry Hawaii, California, Florida, and Arizona), you get to see and hear the beauty of leaves turning colors. There is something so magical about green changing to brown, gold and orange.  Grab a rake, make a pile, and dive in. Dust off your camera and take some snapshots of the beauty in your own neighborhood. Go for a walk and make sure to step on the crunchy leaves.

Let us know- what are your favorite fall traditions? What do you love about the season? Leave a comment, we’d love to hear from you.