Top 10 Reasons Why 30 Hour Famine Should be on Your Calendar


1)      It saves lives. It only takes one dollar to feed a child for a day. Considering the money we spend on coffee, clothes, or iPhones, $1 per day is pocket change to us, right? Why is it so easy to afford all the luxury of a cool electronic or designer pair of shoes, yet so hard to sacrifice some of those things to literally help save the life of another? 30 Hour Famine funds you raise bring life-giving food and care to hungry children and families all around the world. That is money well spent.

2)      You will grow closer to God. By taking time out to learn about hunger and poverty and experience the feeling of being hungry, you open your heart and mind to a new understanding of God’s love for the poor. Throughout the bible He talks about putting our faith in action by caring for people who can’t care for themselves. By doing the Famine, you will come away with a renewed sense of faith and a joy in knowing that you have made a tangible difference in the lives of God’s people.

3)    The Horn of Africa needs us NOW. As you know, the Horn of Africa is currently in the midst of the first real famine of the 21st century – and this one won’t be over in 30 hours. More than 12 million people are affected and already, 30,000 children have lost their lives because they didn’t have enough food to eat. That’s not a reality we can live with. This is our chance to step up and help. You can designate your funds to the Horn of Africa and give life saving food and care to people who desperately need it.  

4)      It takes the focus off of you. For most of us, it’s really easy to lose perspective about what really matters, especially in the midst of the day to day details of school, work, and life in general. The 30 Hour Famine give you the opportunity to see how big this world really is and will offer some great perspective on the things that matter most.

5)      It’s fun. While not eating for 30 hours sounds tough, we guarantee it will be a good time packed full of games, videos, activities, friends, competition, service projects, a sleepover at church, and lots of juice. It’s sure to be a blast. (We just can’t promise you’ll get a ton of sleep.)

6)      It’s something out of the ordinary. You can eat pizza and play video games with your friends any weekend. The Famine is one weekend where you step out of your routine to help feed and care for those who go to bed hungry every night.

7)      We give you everything you need for FREE. When you sign up for the Famine, we give you $50 worth of materials to put together an awesome event- including engaging videos, group games and activities, and more ideas than you’ll know what to do with.

8)      You are impacting people globally and locally.  The Famine funds you raise go to World Vision, who feeds hungry people in almost 100 countries. Plus, Famine weekend is the perfect opportunity for you to roll up your sleeves and feed hungry people in your own community. Serve at your local soup kitchen or homeless shelter. Collect canned goods to donate to a food bank. The Famine is your chance to do something about hunger and poverty it in your own neighborhood, and across the globe.

9)      You will grow closer to people around you.  Something really cool happens when you take time out to learn together and rally around an important cause like fighting world hunger. You will grow closer to your friends, and make new ones along the way. Plus, going without food for 30 hours will be an experience you have with each other that none of you will ever forget.

10)  You get the chance to walk in someone else’s shoes. Every night, one billion people go to bed hungry. That’s a whole lot of people. And we aren’t talking about the “tummy rumble before the noon lunch bell” kind of hunger. Some of those people haven’t eaten in awhile, and don’t know where there next meal will come from. In order to really understand the issue of hunger, we need to experience it for ourselves, and the Famine gives you that chance. (Please note that we don’t want anyone to do the fasting portion of the 30 Hour Famine if it isn’t safe for them to participate. However, if it’s an option, we encourage everyone to consider making this sacrifice as the feeling of hunger is one that will open eyes and hearts to what’s going on in the world.)