What’s So Great About Nutrition?




How often do you think about nutrition? To us it might just be a black and white label on food packaging, or a topic in health class, but nutrition is a really big deal. Missing out on nutrition means missing out on life. Watch this video to learn more, and take some time to think through  these questions.

1)      What do you think your life would like if you didn’t have the proper nutrition? Are there things that might not be possible if you didn’t have proper nutrition?

2)      How would your day to day  life be more challenging?

3)      How do you think it would feel to see your family not have enough to eat?

4)      What can you do about the issue of hunger?

5)       How do you think God wants us to respond?


Hunger is a hard reality to face, but there is hope. Sign up to do the Famine and help overcome hunger.