Who is World Vision?


Who is World Vision and what do they do? How are 30 Hour Famine and World Vision related? Well, those are great questions, and we‘ve got some answers for you.

Who is World Vision? 

In a nutshell, World Vision is a Christian Humanitarian organization. What that means is we are an organization dedicated to serving people in need, because we believe it’s what God has called us to do. Bob Pierce started World Vision after meeting a little girl in China. He was overwhelmed by the need in her life, and felt compelled to do something about it. He began sending money each month so that her basic needs would be met. This was the beginning of what we now know as child sponsorship—donating $35 each month to feed and care for a child in need. World Vision sponsors can engage with their child, by exchanging letters, gifts, drawings and photos. If you have heard the quote “Let my heart be broken by the things that break the heart of God,” then you’ve heard Bob Pierce’s philosophy on faith and life.

What do we do?

World Vision works in almost 100 countries, helping nearly 100 million people in their fight against poverty and injustice. This can take many forms, but a good portion of World Vision’s work falls into two main categories: Disaster relief and development. World Vision responds to roughly 80 disasters each year, including hurricanes, earthquakes, floods and famine. World Vision has warehouses in the U.S.and around the world, ready to ship out critical supplies when a disaster strikes. They provide anything from food and clean water to non-food items (NFIs) such as tents, pots and pans, baby diapers and blankets. World Vision is also very passionate about community development. We work within an area for years helping to provide what we call the 5 fingers of development: Clean water, sustainable food sources, education, economic development and proper health practices. The goal is that by addressing these five key aspects of life, the community will thrive, becoming self-sufficient.

How are 30 Hour Famine and World Vision related?

The 30 Hour Famine represents just one part of the big picture that is World Vision. (So, if World Vision was a tree, we’d be a little branch). The funds that you raise are fuel that allows World Vision to bring emergency food and water to people who need it, and create change in the communities we serve. World Vision has many different ‘branches’  including ACT:S, Team World Vision, and Child Sponsorship. Each branch on the World Vision tree grows towards ONE main goal. That is, making a difference in the lives of people in need around the world and building a better world for children.