Dadaab Refugee Camp: Experience it for yourself


Horn of Africa Famine Update

Watch this video for a glimpse into Kenya’s Dadaab Refugee Camp. There are no special effects, no music, no editing. Just raw footage from the world’s largest refugee camp. We invite you to experience—as best as you can thousands of miles away—what life is currently like for the 500,000 refugees in Dadaab. Take a walk in their shoes. See the children, the filth, the tents and the barren landscape. Experience the place hundreds of thousands call ‘home.’

Fast Facts:

 –This is the world’s first famine in 25 years

-The Horn of Africa is experiencing the worst drought in 60 years

-13 million people are currently affected

-70% of the population in the Horn of Africa doesn’t have access to clean water or healthcare

-Ethiopia is at highest risk with more than 4.5 million affected

-You can designate your 30 Hour Famine funds and help those in the Horn of Africa!

Designate your Famine Funds:

Famine funds are at work right now in communities in the Horn of Africa and you can help too by designating your group’s funds to fight this real famine. World Vision is on the ground today, helping by:

-Equipping families to grow fresh crops and raise healthy livestock

-Improving access to clean water and medical care

-Nutrition education

-Improving sanitation and hygiene

-Providing emergency food and resources