The Story the Photos Will Never Tell


Earlier this summer, 3o Hour Famine Team member Michele, traveled to the Dadaab Refugee Camp in North Eastern Kenya with a World Vision videographer and photographer to document the impact of the Famine in the Horn of Africa. Today, she shares on the World Vision US Blog what it’s like to look past the pictures we’ve seen from the Famine and actually take part in an individual’s pain, joy, and struggles.

“Someone once said that a picture is worth a thousand words, but as I sit here looking through photos from my recent trip to the Horn of Africa, I don’t think that’s true.

This picture is of Falima, a 25 year old Somalian who recently entered the Dadaab Refugee Camp in Northeastern Kenya. She is holding her son, Abdullah, while her three year old daughter, Faryhiya, hides behind her.”

Read about the story behind this picture on the World Vision Blog.