Be Inspired: Three Youth Leaders and a Burlap Corn Sack


Once upon a time there were three inspirational youth leaders and a sack of corn named Veronica. Well, this was actually just last week at the National Youth Workers Convention in Atlanta. The 30 Hour Famine team set up a mock refugee tent. In our tent we had a station with two burlap sacks of corn, to show the weight of a healthy 3 year old (30 lbs) vs. a malnourished 3 year old (15 lbs.) Walking by our booth, Chris, Jordan and Blair, took an immediate interest in the corn sacks. They decided to ‘adopt’ the malnourished sack for the weekend, name her Veronica, and vowed to take her everywhere (even Chik-fil-a) and spread the word about hunger.

Throughout the weekend Chris, Jordan, Blair and Veronica were inseparable.  “Everywhere we went, it went too!” said Jordan. “We educated people about the 3 year old, 15 pound Veronica and we handed out flyers and told them about the 30 Hour Famine. We let them know that the 30 Hour Famine is something we personally do at our churches and told them that we thought that they should check it out!”

Veronica led to many conversations with fellow youth workers. “One thing that really stood out to me was people’s reaction when we let them hold the 15 pound sack and told them why we were doing this,” said Blair. “It was great to tell people about the 30 Hour Famine and help them realize that there is something they can do.”

Not only did Chris, Jordan and Blair get the word about hunger out to the public, but Veronica had a personal affect on the guys as well. “The whole weekend we were talking about how food is so available to us, yet we take it for granted. A lot of things really opened our eyes this weekend,” said Jordan.

For Chris, the experience hit close to home. “I have a 9 month old boy named Liam and he weighs around 27 lbs. Thinking about a 3 year old weighing half that weight is just crazy,” said Chris. “When I go home and look at Liam, he has so much food at his disposal just because he has been blessed to live in a certain part of the world. When I see pictures of starving kids, I see my Liam. I take ownership of those kids now.”

Although the guys had fun carrying Veronica around for 3 days, they know the experience was more than just a silly memory. “We’ve been having a lot of fun but I want it to be more than just a good experience,” said Chris.  “It is really eye opening to see that we have the opportunity to make a change.”

Chris, Jordan and Blair are three awesome youth leaders from Delaware. What stood out about them the most was their readiness to take a step towards ending hunger. Many people came through our 30HF booth at NYWC Atlanta, but these guys took it one step further, by carrying around the beloved 15 pound Veronica! Their passion for others led them to become proactive and take the fight against hunger into their own hands. I encourage you to use your talents, passion and creativity to raise awareness about hunger in your community. There is always something you can do to make a positive impact, even if it is just as simple (or bizarre) as carrying around a burlap sack of corn.

Ellie Hutchison traveled with the 30 Hour Famine to the National Youth Workers Convention in Atlanta this November. At the conference, Ellie enjoyed hanging out with and getting to know Chris, Jordan and Blair from Delaware.