What’s your New Years resolution?


New Years always brings the reassuring promise of a fresh start, a new beginning and a do-over. With the New Year right around the corner, the 30 Hour Famine team got to thinking about 2012, the changes we’d like to make and our New Years resolutions. This year we decided to spice it up a bit and share our, err, creative, resolutions with you!

(back row, left to right) Hilary Hilpert has resolved to finally resist the urge of cookies, intern Eric McClellan plans to make his own jam preserves, Hilary Whitman will read more this next year and David Pitts aspires to join the Australian Football League.

(front row, left to right) Michele Tvedt hopes to travel less (Michele travels a lot for the 30HF) this coming year and intern Ellie Hutchison would like to increase her hummus consumption by 50%.

What’re your New Years resolutions for 2012? Silly or serious-Let us know on  Facebook or Twitter and enjoy your last two days of 2011!