Carter is the Famine


Meet Carter. He’s a scuba diving, alligator-hunting, hunger-fighting activist!

This down to earth, adventurous Floridian rocked the Famine’s world when he raised an incredible $30,000 in 2011 for the 30HF! That’s the most any student has ever raised in the history of the 30HF. We’ll pause here while you stare at your screen in awe…

In August 2011, Carter got the opportunity to see his Famine funds at work on the Study Tour to Burundi, Africa. He made some unforgettable memories, had his eyes opened to poverty and even met his World Vision sponsored child! Read on to hear directly from Carter about his Famine experience and his time in Burundi.

My favorite part of the Famine was… taking a trip to the beach for the sunrise. We did a devotion and just hung out there. I really enjoyed that because it gave us a chance to talk in an unstructured environment instead of sitting in the youth room at our church.

The most difficult hour of the Famine was… around typical mealtimes. This really made me realize how much eating is a habit for me and how much I simply take it for granted.

My advice to someone thinking about doing the Famine is…Definitely do the Famine at least once. It will change the way you look at the world and the people in it.

I was changed by the Famine because…it really opened my eyes to the poverty that exists in the world and how much we can make a difference! I would have never guessed that $30-the cost to feed and care for a child for a month- could have such an impact on a person’s life.

I applied for the Study Tour because…I wanted a fuller understanding of the difference I was making by doing the 30 Hour Famine.

The highlight of the Study Tour was…Being able to build a personal connection with people who live in poverty.

The most challenging aspect of the Study Tour was…accepting the fact that I could not help everyone overnight.

Because of Burundi…I am more content with what I have.

To make an impact in the world, I am…not really sure how I will be called to make a difference in the world yet. I plan to live my life by the Edward W. Bok Family Legacy “Make you the world a bit better, or more beautiful, because you have lived in it.”