2012 Study Tour: Team Zambia



You’ve done the Famine. You’ve raised the money. Now it’s time to apply for the 2012 Study Tour and join Team Zambia.

Every year, the Famine team selects several students to travel overseas to see the impact their funds are having on real people. It’s an amazing and eye opening experience-one you will never forget. But it’s not just a trip. Upon returning you will become a spokesperson for the 30 Hour Famine-sharing your story through writing, photos, and speaking with people all over the country. Your 30 Hour Famine experience can become so much more than just a one weekend event… it can become a story you share with thousands.

If you raised over $360 and are available to travel the first two weeks of Zambia, check out the application to learn more. Don’t miss out on the 2012 Study Tour to Zambia-apply today! All applications are due by May 11th at midnight.

Questions? Email studytour@worldvision.org!