30 Hour Famine Chapel


(From right to left: Michael, George, Chris, Leah, Greg, Eric, Adam, David….front row: Hilary & Michele)

Every week, on Wednesday morning, World Vision staff gather at our Headquarters to worship, learn, and pray. Speakers from all over the world have spoken at chapel, sharing their experiences, World Vision’s work, and scripture that stands out to them. And once a year, the 30 Hour Famine team takes over chapel to share stories and gear up for our upcoming National Dates, (shout out to our groups fasting next week!).

This year, we were led in worship by Sumner Presbyterian Church’s Greg, Eric, & Adam. Greg, the youth leader, shared from his own experiences leading the Famine. George (Team Burundi 2011 from Seattle, WA) and Chris (Team Bolivia 2010 from Miami, FL), shared a bit about their time in the field and life since they’ve been back. Quote of the day goes to Greg: “If my youth group could only do one event every year, we would do the 30 Hour Famine every time”.  We agree Greg!

Tomorrow, our team starts our own 30 hours of fasting-since so many of us travel and speak during Famine weekend. And on Friday, World Vision employees will be gathering together to pray for you and your groups, along with all the prayer requests you have sent in. The next two days are a time for us to fast and pray-for YOU and all of your incredible efforts year after year. So here is a great big thank you to everyone who helped out to make today’s celebrations possible! We are so thankful for your tireless efforts and commitment to changing lives around the world. You inspire us and challenge us!