DRC: Photos from the field


A church holds worship in a rural area near Gemena, DRC where World Vision is considering starting programs.

Sisters Dorcas, Sifa, Marceline, Edo and Chatty play together outside of their home in Kimilolo, DRC. “I like to go to school. My desire is to go ahead with my studies to become a dressmaker,” declares Dorcas. “I have a good uniform and I’m blessed to receive copybooks, pens and other school needs as a registered child of World Vision,” she adds. Dorcas (age 11), in a family of seven children, is a Registered Child ( RC) living with her parents.

 Nicole Suka sits with her 3-year-old son, Yangana Ndowa, and gives him a sip of water as he receives a blood transfusion for his severe case of malaria. The biggest illness this hospital in Karawa, DRC, deals with is malaria. The hospital administrator, Richard Gbalanu, says 80% of the population in the region has the disease.When asked to describe malaria in one word, a nurse at the hospital said, “Killer!” Another described it as, “Hellish!” The staff say, “This area is a malaria zone, so children all get malaria.”


Several women and children stay at the shelter for victims of rape run by Mama Masika in Minova, Democtratic Republic of Congo. Mama Masika has provided shelter and rehabilitation for over 7,000 men and women raped during the DRC conflict. World Vision has helped support her work in part by providing food for children at the shelter.