Meet Skylar Jones: Famine Intern


Skylar Jones recently joined the Famine team as our newest intern. Before joining our team, he was working at Nike in Portland. Now, he is digging into everything from analytics…to our upcoming study tour. Like most interns before him, his day ranges from hanging out in the green room at the local tv station to pouring over excel sheets. We’re excited to have him on board! Here he shares a bit more about himself and why he’s at World Vision.

Where are you from?

I’ve lived in Eugene, Oregon for the majority of my life and I absolutely loved it. Go Ducks!

What do you do on the 30 Hour Famine team?

I’m two weeks into my internship and I’ve been involved in data compilation/analysis, social media posting, blogging, creating and shipping 100 media kits, preparing for our annual 30HF Chapel, monitoring sound pitch levels for a promotional video, writing a questionnaire to 30HF participants, cold-calling youth leaders for market research, and preparing for live streaming in Niger, Africa. Quite the variety!

What do you love most about the Famine?

I love the transformation that takes place in the students’ hearts as they learn and grow from the experience. As I recall my days in high school, most of us were consumed over meaningless ‘drama’ and distracting ourselves subconsciously from the lugubrious truth that extreme poverty existed outside our nation. 30 Hour Famine expands the global perspective for the students, and that way of thinking often leads individuals to a lifetime of compassion and action for all of God’s people.

What does an awesome day off look like for you?

Anytime I’m outside on a sunny day, I’m happy. Add coffee, a football, friends and a campfire… now that’s an awesome day!

How did you come to World Vision?

After I graduated I got a job working with Nike, in Portland, Oregon. It was a sports-guy’s dream, but at the end of the day, I wasn’t fulfilled in a workplace promoting consumerism. I felt God nudging me to check out some non-profits, He told me He had a bigger job for me. I applied just days later.

Hardest food to give up during the Famine:

Sandwiches. YUM.

Person who continues to inspire you:

Larry Fitzgerald. He’s one of the best wide-receivers of all time and he gives all his glory to God. Beyond that, his “Faith Focus Finish” slogan has pushed millions to work hard for what they believe in.

Tell us something most people don’t know about you:

I’m a woodcrafter; I create wall-pieces and custom furniture using a unique combination of practicality and art. My favorite piece thus far is my most recent, a Portland Trail-Blazers coffee table.

Coffee or Tea?

Coffee. It’s either black coffee with a little cream or a latte.

Show you wish you were on:

Amazing Race. I am going to apply, fingers crossed!