That awkward moment when…


Last weekend marked the first national Famine weekend of 2012. Nearly 150,000 teenagers around the country banded together to overcome hunger & change lives, resulting in incredible & eye opening experiences. But we all know when you combine teenagers & youth leaders with not eating for 30 hours…..there can be some hilarious outcomes. Here are some of our favorite awkward moments:

That awkward moment when you try to pick up girls with a cardboard sign.

That awkward moment when you were so thirsty, you thought it was a good idea to drink out of the centerpiece in the fellowship hall.

That awkward moment when you learn what “no soliciting” means from one of your angry next door neighbors.

 That awkward moment when during prayer & reflection around a large wooden cross, the guy holding the cross drops it on the girl in the front row and everyone makes cheesy jokes about “taking up your cross”.

Getting to see your youth leader dress up like a “Famine-stock” hippy and pray like it’s the 1960s.