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Hello! My name is Robert Zagaja and last summer, I was a chosen participant for the 30 Hour Famine Study Tour! In August, I was joined by eight other students from around the nation as we made our way to Burundi, Africa to witness first hand, our famine funds at work. I was completely amazed by the magnitude of progress that 30 hour famine funds were making. I got to see how World Vision’s efforts are impacting so many people’s lives. Here are a few highlights from the trip:

Our first stop in Burundi was at a medical center that supplied care and medical relief to people in a five-mile radius. A nun showed us around the various rooms and buildings, explaining the function of each. It seemed to us that most of the medical center was built by funds from World Vision and 30 hour famine; this includes the vaccinations, medical supplies, equipment, and basic hospital necessities. It was inspiring to see that this medical center, receiving more than 150 patients daily, could function so well because of Famine funds just like ours!

Another favorite stop was at a school of about 480 students. With the help of World Vision funds, this school was able to set up a system so that each child is able to receive a meal of rice each day. World Vision supplied large quantities of rice as well as cooking pots and utensils to the school for this feeding program. The one issue they ran into however, was not having water to cook the rice in. Luckily, they solved that problem by setting up a gutter drainage system on the roof, collecting rain water to be used for cooking! It was amazing that at just one school, I saw our famine funds directly feeding hundreds of children daily.

By the end of the week, we were able to see countless other ways World Vision funds were being used to help Burundians in need, including:

  • A water well that provides fresh, clean drinking water for people miles around.
  • Homes that were given livestock. You would not believe how much a goat and a few chickens help a struggling family living in a country like Burundi.
  • A construction site where world vision provided materials and resources for the village to build a new school for themselves.
  • Children, many children…whose lives were changed through World Vision’s child sponsorship program! The trip as a whole made me proud of my youth group and of everybody who raised funds through the 30 Hour Famine. The money goes a long way and truly helps to save and change lives!


Experience this for yourself!

If you can individually fundraise over $360, you are eligable to apply for the 2012 Study Tour trip to Zambia. This is an experience unlike any other and is truly life changing. 

Resources: Download the application or simply find out more by clicking on the links!

Questions? You can email us at studytour@worldvision.org or call 1.800.7.FAMINE at any time.