And the award goes to….


Every Famine weekend, we see so many creative videos, pictures, and ideas come through our social media channels. And we LOVE it. This Famine weekend, there were so many one of a kind moments that we thought….these deserve awards! So, we’d like to introduce you to some of our favorites from April Famine weekend, 2012!

The Most Creatively Named Cardboard Box Award goes to……USS #MAnnafromheaven by @PhilStrahm!

The Best Fundraising Grand Total Reveal Award goes to……Chestnut Ridge Student Ministries & @JoshJRhodes [this one gave us chills!]

The Most Calories Ever Consumed in One Meal Post Famine Award goes to…….@StevenSchultz17 with 3,000 calories [and the best looking break the fast meal ever!]

Best Text Message of Famine Weekend Award goes to…… @ThatsaJennStory for the following text:

The Best Use of a Mosquito Net Award goes to…..Converge Student Ministry!

The Best Handmade Famine Shirts Award goes to….. @brivirden & group!

The Best “Miserable Because I’m Hungry” Face award goes to…. @yangjoonjae & friend for the following facial expressions:

Best Action Shot Award goes to……Lakeview Student Ministries!

The Best Photo of 8k Fingerprints Award goes to….. @lanamcnair!

And lastly, the Best “Only At A Famine Event” Tweet of the Weekend Award goes to…. @harbin_tiffany!


Thank you to everyone for such an amazing weekend! You have truly saved lives and worked to overcome hunger around the world!