Malaria: Battling the Plague of the Poor


One of the top killers worldwide, malaria is a constant threat to children-especially children who are made vulnerable by poverty & hunger. Malnourishment makes it harder for children’s bodies to fight off the symptoms of malaria, making it a deadly outcome for many. Today is World Malaria Day-and a time for reflection on how the 30 Hour Famine is giving children a fighting chance against diseases like malaria. Tom Costanza, a World Vision Videographer, has traveled the world documenting and sharing stories. Today he shares his own story about a trip to Mozambique and contracting malaria while he was there.

Read Tom’s story & learn more about malaria here.

As the second National Famine date is just days away, we ask that you continue to be in prayer for all the ways your efforts will make an impact in lives around the world & the simple solutions that save lives.