Four Countries to Cover in Prayer



World Vision partners with communities around the world to banish hunger-giving families the tools they need to feed and sustain themselves. The battle is not just a physical one though, it is also a spiritual one. As you fight to overcome hunger and raise funds to change lives, here are four countries to lift up in prayer that your Famine funds will be supporting this year.



Fact: More than 80% of Malawi people live in rural areas, where agriculture is essential to survival… yet drought constantly threatens food security.

Pray for: Malawi to have a good season of rain. Ask that the Lord provides the conditions needed to grow food for their survival.


Fact: 38% of the Mongolian population lack access to clean water.

Pray for: The individuals who still only have access to unhealthy drinking water and the capacity to bring access to clean water to many more.


Fact: Due in large part to a lack of education and a low average family income, approximately 3.6 million children under the age of 14 are forced to work, mostly in exploitative and hazardous labor conditions.

Pray for: We pray for an environment change, where children can go to school and are safe from the practices of such dangerous labor.

Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)

Fact: 20% of the children die before their fifth birthday—currently the ninth worst rate in the world.

Pray for: The children. Pray that the DRC’s healthcare system will improve their countries child mortality rate and the health of these innocent children can be positively impacted.