Team Zambia 2012


For the past two weeks, the Famine team has spent their weekends, days, and nights going through all of the applications we have received from students across the country. It was a difficult decision and after much prayer, discussion, and thought, we have chosen the team for the 2012 Study Tour. We are so excited to introduce Team Zambia 2012!!!!

Over the next year, you will hear a lot from these individuals as they share their experiences, heart, and thoughts as they act as ambassadors for the 30 Hour Famine. Thank you so much to everyone who applied this year-you are an inspiration to the Famine team and we are so humbled by each and everyone of you!

Michael. 17 years old. Rockwood, TN.

Although you can’t tell by the picture, Michael loves giving up food for the Famine and has participated for two years.  This was the second year he applied for the Study Tour and this year, we were thrilled to offer him a place on the team! The most fascinating thing about Michael that we learned? The fact that he wants to figure out how to recycle nuclear waste once he graduates, (we’re hoping he also solves global hunger while he’s at it).

Tiff. 17. Walnut, CA.

One of her references called Tiff a “trend setter with other students” when it came to her leadership abilities and we totally agree. With her bubbly personality and four years of experience doing the 30 Hour Famine, we know she is going to make some huge waves after she gets home from Zambia.

Sarah. 15. South Windsor, CT.

From the moment we started watching Sarah’s video, we were hooked. Quiet, yet bold, Sarah fundraised passionately for her 4th Famine this year and we were blown away by how much she brought in. Interesting fact about Sarah? She startles really easily…..we can’t wait to prove that on the trip!

Lane. 15. Upton, MA.

Lane sent us another picture with his application, but during his second interview, we learned he’d just gotten some new glasses and we felt they had to be shown off, (because we think they’re rad).  Lane’s totally unique personality and ability to get along with all sorts of people amazed us and we cannot wait to book Lane some speaking engagements when he gets back!

Gianna. 16. Warwick, NY.

Gianna’s passion for the Famine was obvious in her interview, as was her incredible creativity.  From making videos to bracelets, she is one talented young lady. Not to mention the fact that she is writing a book on the side of being crazy busy with drama and already planning what to do with her experience in Zambia once she is stateside again.

Graff. 15. Berea, KY.

Graff had the entire team laughing from the beginning and we know he will bring some comic relief when necessary after 12 hour flights. Public speaking is one of his favorite hobbies and he has a huge heart for the Famine as he truly feels called to represent the poor. (He also has the longest name of anyone ever, so everyone calls him Graff for short).

Michael Chen. 16. Richmond, VA.

It was Michael’s uncontrollable enthusiasm that immediately caught our eye along with his intense passion for God. Michael is a writer and super great at expressing his emotion-we cannot wait to share some of his thoughts on the blog! How does Michael handle stress? Well, he dances of course. We can’t wait to see that in the field!

Garrett. 16. Columbia, SC.

A few folks from the Famine team first met Garrett earlier this year while doing some shooting for the Famine videos. Garrett’s articulate and passionate voice was incredible. We are so excited to welcome him on the trip and continue to be impressed by his commitment, passion, and heart for the poor.