The Whole Church



Pulling off the 30 Hour Famine is not a small undertaking. And we know that behind each event are thousands of supportive parents, fearless volunteers, and strong churches who believe their young people should know what it means to care for the poor.  Whether in the form of donations, time during the Sunday service, volunteered hours from the congregation, help with  cleaning up, or simply opening up the facilities for their young people, churches are, for many groups, the key to a successful Famine. One youth group in Valparaiso, IN recognized how blessed they were to have the force of their church behind them. Their youth pastor, Joe Wittmer,  shares a thank you to the church in this video. We loved this so much because it conveys an amazing partnership between the youth and the church & an incredible heart for the poor. We hope it will spark some creativity as you thank your churches and supporters for the roles they played in your 30 Hour Famine event.