Top Ten: The thrills & fears of heading to Zambia


A few weeks ago, we announced the students of ‘Team Zambia.’ With just a few weeks before departure, we’re wondering what’s going on in the minds of the students going! Gianna, from Warwick, NY  shares her top 10 list of things that either keep her up at night, or get her crazy excited for the trip.

#1 The country: I always hear so much about Africa and see multitudes of pictures. But now, I will see one of the countries  firsthand. I’m used to the geography of my small town in New York. We have hills, grass, trees, farms, country roads, etc. I think it will be incredible to see how drastically different a new country is.

#2 The flight: This isn’t my first time flying, but it will be the first time going through airports without my parents. I’ll be meeting up in Chicago with two of the other trip participants but I’m hoping I can get through security and manage a connecting flight alone!

#3 The team: From talking on Facebook I can already tell that Team Zambia is made up of some really amazing people. As my friends from Warwick and I say, they all seem to be “made of awesome”. Everyone is so friendly, funny, and just incredibly nice, so I cannot wait to see them face to face and really connect.

#4 The food: When trip leader Michele first mentioned the possibility of eating goat, (a staple in many parts of Africa), I was skeptical. However, I am willing to try new things, and am eager to do so! That being said….maybe tell me what I actually ate AFTER I am finished with my meal…..

#5 The stress: Between all the forms for my visa, booking a flight to Seattle, and getting vaccinations, I’ve been pretty frazzled with how quickly everything has happened. We went from applying for the Study Tour to preparing for it like that, (cue finger snap), so one might imagine there would be a little stress. Luckily, now that most of the serious things are done, (our Visa applications have been sent off to the embassy!), I’m mostly just beyond pumped and ecstatic for this experience.


#6 The long flights: We will be on a plane for a total of 20 hours just to get to Zambia. It’s so crazy. As blessed as I am to get this opportunity, 20 hours of being confined to one seat does NOT sound like a good time. That being said, I’ll do whatever it takes to get to Zambia.

#7 The Famine funds: We always talk about why it is so important to give so that others don’t have to go hungry, but I feel like seeing firsthand how we truly change lives, will spark even MORE motivation to raise funds. #8 The culture: I’m so used to going to school where everyone is so caught up with “first world problems” and I’m so adapted to people living a life in which they always want more (and let’s be honest, it’s something we have all been guilty of at one point). I’m excited to get away from that mindset. Obviously it will be hard  seeing horrific poverty in Zambia, but I think it will be healthy and a much-needed wake up call.

#9 The ‘coming home’ part: I really want to spread the word about world hunger. I truly believe that seeing poverty as well as the impact of 30 Hour Famine funds will provide me with an arsenal of information to raise funds and awareness when I get home!

#10 The Lord: There’s nothing more fulfilling and there’s no greater honor than to be used by God. To be used by Him in a way that can potentially impact the world as a whole is simply mind blowing! I cannot effectively put my exuberance into words! There is not a single thing in existence that fires me up more than God working through me!