“I Am has sent me…”


What can I boast about? Why do I struggle with pride? Everything I am, am not, have and don’t have is because of the Lord I give myself the glory in a life I cannot sustain on my own. I’m complimented and say “thank you” as if I, myself, blessed Garrett Ayers with what he has. Who am I to accept compliments for what isn’t mine? I am not my own. I am the Lord’s. I have been ransomed for my life and my sins. I have been bought for my transgressions in exchange for eternal life. I am humbled by the grace of God. I am a sinner, so much so, that the God I deny daily lived and died solely for me. I turn my back on Him so often, his last resort was death. His death, for my life. Because of me and my sins, a man naked, bruised and abused hung on a tree so that I could be saved in all my wickedness. Where can I make bold statements? Where is my room for glory? What is my life if it’s not for You? My life is not my own. I am not the director of my heartbeats. I do not control the air that I breathe. But I know who does. I know I Am.


Garrett is one of the 8 students selected to go to Zambia on the Study Tour this year. He is from South Carolina and wants to be a youth pastor. It is exciting to see God so present in someone’s life at such a young age.

Look forward to posts throughout the year on how the Study Tour has changed the lives of these 8 students, and the ways they are taking that change to their friends, family and community.

I Am: Exodus 3:14