Team Zambia: Meet Michael



“Your voice is calling, You’re drawing near

We are Your servants Lord, take our fears

And if our God is for us, how can we fail?

In the power of Jesus we stand

Send us to the nations, to the broken

Lead us to Surrender, we will go”

                                    -Jarod Espy and Jonathan Espy


            When I first sang along with this song, I honestly didn’t listen to what it was saying. I’ll never forget it. I was at this life changing camp that lasted for a week. This camp is known as Centrifuge. Jarod Espy was the worship leader for those short five days. He played a song that would impact my life more significantly than I ever would have imagined. A year ago, I heard the words, but I didn’t listen to them. Now, I’m going to be living by them. In fact, seven other people are going to be living by them right by my side.

            Before I found out that I would be on Team Zambia, I was at Boy’s State. I had completed several interviews with the staff of the 30 Hour Famine and didn’t think I would have another call while I was at Boy’s State. In fact, the whole Zambia thing was kind of pushed to the back of my mind that week. I was so focused on the responsibilities I had while there, I had almost forgotten about interviewing for Zambia. While at Boy’s State, I was nominated to go to this ordeal called Boy’s Nation, which was an amazing honor. I remember I turned down the position to go but I couldn’t really tell anyone why. Well five minutes after I turned it down, I got a phone call from a guy with the 30 Hour Famine asking if I could Skype for a few questions and a follow up. Long story short, I found out twenty minutes after I had turned down the offer for Boy’s Nation, I was going to be on Team Zambia! I know you are probably wondering what the deal is with both of these events and here it is… They would have been around the same time. The day I would be coming back from Boy’s Nation, I would have to be on a plane heading to Seattle. God told me that I shouldn’t go to Boy’s Nation. His voice was calling and now it’s drawing ever so near.

            There are eight of us on Team Zambia and we are all bought in Christ. We owe every breath we have to Him. We are His servants. I know we have never met before, but we already have so much in common. We are all brothers and sisters in the family of God and we are going to another nation to serve God. We are going to Zambia and we all have fears about it. I’ve never even stepped foot on a plane and my first flight is across an ocean. I think it’s safe to say I’m slightly terrified, but I know I’m not the only one. All eight of us have a unity with each other that no one else will be able to feel except for other students who went on a Study Tour. I know everyone on the team has something that they fear about this trip, but we have to take all of the fears and worries we have and lay them all down before God. I was once told that when you worry about something, you are saying that God is too small to handle it. I’m here to tell you, we serve an omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient God. Nothing is bigger than Him. With the power of God on our side, how can we fail?

           We are being sent to the nations. In fact, to a nation that I hadn’t even heard of. We are going to see and experience the ones who are truly broken. We are becoming a voice for the hungry. We are becoming a voice for the poor. We are becoming a voice for the people in need.

            “Send us to the nations” has never been so real to me before. Now, rather than simply hearing the words, I am listening to them . I am living them.

Michael is one of the eight student we are taking to Zambia on the 2012 Study Tour. He is 17 years old and lives in Rockwood, Tennessee. Interesting fact about Michael? His dad is in the Army! We are so stoked that he was able to be a part of the Study Tour this year, and can’t wait to see how it effects his life.