World Humanitarian Day


Today is World Humanitarian Day. Be 1 in a billion. Do something good, somewhere, for someone else.  

In a world teeming with violence and political strife, where food and water are scarce and the quality of life for millions simply means survival, there is still hope. Today we celebrate and remember those who are on the front lines of these humanitarian battles. People providing medical attention to the sick and dying. People taking photos and writing the stories no one else will. People seeing a bright light in those who were forgotten about. People from all over the world, working in the darkest corners of the earth, getting their hands dirty to provide a better life for others.

Today, we celebrate World Humanitarian Day.

Who are humanitarians? We are. You don’t have to pack up and move to Somalia or re-build Haiti to be considered a humanitarian. You just need to do something good, somewhere for someone else. Will you do that today?

World Humanitarian Day 2012 is your chance to show “I Was Here” by making positive change for the betterment of the world.  How will you make your mark?  World Vision is teaming up with the United Nations, celebrities (have ya heard of BEYONCE!?), and other incredible relief organizations in hopes to reach 1 BILLION people (yes, with a ‘b’), willing to accomplish one humanitarian act on August 19th.  The size of the act is not what matters—it’s the heart that is behind the mark you make.  All actions, little or large will help to make a difference and could cause a ripple effect of humanitarian actions to spread throughout the world. Join the act. Be one in a Billion.

Horn of Africa drought and famine 2011: Villagers scramble to fill jugs of water from a water truck that comes twice a week. The truck is a temporary intervention while a water pipeline is being built. Photo Credit/Abby Metty