30 Hour Famine in the News


famine-in-the-news copyWith so many groups participating in the 3o Hour Famine around the country, we love seeing local news agencies jump on board in telling the story about students making a difference to end world hunger.

Here are three stories of the dozens we’ve seen, a little series we’re calling 30 Hour Famine in the News:

Students Raise Awareness, Money with 30 Hour Famine

March 1st, 2013 – Fox 13 News Salt Lake City

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“By fasting for 30 hours they’ll understand what these kids go through every day,” says famine coordinator Patsy Simons. “It kind of gives them ownership of it because they get to feel what the other kids are feeling.”

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Woodbury Teens Fast for World Hunger

March 15th, 2013 – South Jersey Times

Youth group members from Kemble United Methodist Church will fast for 30 hours this weekend in hopes of raising $9,000 for, and calling attention to, world hunger.

Kathryn Snow, an 18-year-old member of the church’s youth group, has been participating in the fast for six years. She stated taking part in the 30-hour famine has made her more aware of the problems of starvation around the world.

“There are situations out there that I would have never known about if I hadn’t have learned about the 30 Hour Famine,” said Snow. “The Famine has taught me that there are many people out there who need our help. Not just a little help but there are people out there who desperately need us.”

In the 11 years the church has taken part in the fast, the youth group has raised approximately $70,000.

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Student Participates in Thirty Hour Fast

March 12th, 2013 – The Racquette

On Feb 22 and 23, members of the Potsdam Harry Potter Alliance had a chance to participate with World Vision and students from Massena Central School in a 30-hour famine.  The experiences that I had during the hours in which I stayed would be very eye opening and make me forever grateful for what I have.

The hardest thing was going to bed hungry.  As a kid, I never questioned what I had, nor did I give a thought to what others had, or did not.  To me, it was just the way of the world.  As I grew older, I thought more of others, and while I knew of the less fortunate, I could never even come close to understanding how they get by.

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Was your group featured in the news in your town? Let us know!