The 30 Hour Famine Team


The 30 Hour Famine Team and MarkoMark Oestreicher, Partner at The Youth Cartel

I spent the last couple days in the World Vision offices in the Seattle area, working with the 30 Hour Famine team on some strategy stuff as well as creating some media for all of you who will be doing the Famine on the next national date in April.

And while this blog will normally focus on the needs of hungry children, the teenagers who participate in Famine, and the amazing youth workers who lead Famine events, I want to tell you all something:

The 30 Hour Famine team – Leah, Nikki, Hilary, David and Dan – are an absolutely stunning group of people.

Not one of them are merely there for a job. They breathe and bleed this stuff. They are passionate about Jesus, committed to youth leaders and teenagers, and urgent about helping hungry children around the world. They are creative and personable, focused and protective.

And they’re fun. Really: I’d take the whole lot of ‘em as volunteers in my church’s youth ministry. In a heartbeat.

They’re going to be embarrassed and uncomfortable that I’m posting this on the Famine blog. But I think you should know this. I think you should know that there’s a group of people who are thinking about you and praying for you and your teenagers every single day.

Allstate? Whatever. You’re in good hands with the 30 Hour Famine team!