Hey You… the one who is leading a 30 Hour Famine this weekend


_MCL5788Emily Capes, Director of Youth Ministries, First United Methodist Church in Pensacola, FL


…the one who is leading a 30 Hour Famine this weekend.

…the one with only 3 kids signed up.

…the one who hasn’t had any money turned in yet.

…the one who hasn’t gotten a confirmation from all of your leaders.

…the one who decided to sleep outside in cardboard boxes but it looks like there is rain ALL weekend.

…the one who just got told that you can’t use the church vehicles this weekend because another ministry in the church needs them “more”.

…the one who is planning to use the TRIBE game but haven’t even looked at the leaders guide. And you’re just now realizing that you aren’t even sure where the leaders guide is.

…the one with a family member who just passed away.

…the one who is a new youth leader and agreed to do this Famine thing because this youth group always does it. But you still aren’t sure what you’ve gotten yourself into.

…the one who used to have an eating disorder (or maybe still do). So you aren’t sure how to do this well.

…the one who has done this for 10 plus years and you might not be sure that you want to do it again.

…the one who is already tired and it’s not even time for the Famine to start.

…the one who feels completely outside of their own comfort zone.

…the one who is an “only a parent” and is willing to help with the youth but feels like you may be in over your head.

…the one who hopes their youth have fun even though they won’t be eating.


Do YOU know how amazing you are for leading the 30 Hour Famine? 


…are part of the reason that there are an estimated 112,000 youth who are not eating for 30 hours across our nation during the 30 Hour Famine National Weekend.

…are part of the reason that there are children all over the world who are going to be alive next year.

…are part of the reason children all over the world will get to go to school or have clean water or will have livestock to take care of.

…are part of the reason that one of your youth may hear Jesus speak to them in a new way this weekend.

…are part of the reason that another youth may find their voice for other children around the world.

…are part of the reason an adult in your church may sponsor a child through World Vision for the first time.

…are part of the reason that “Since the Famine started in 1992, the total number of kids under age 5 who die each day has fallen from 40,000 to just over 20,000.

112,000 are fasting this weekend. What an incredible number of teenagers! 

It feels like we should throw a party for all of the youth who are willing to do something that our culture says is hard to do. Maybe you can, during your Famine! A juice party!

What an incredible testimony to all of you parents, volunteers, part-time and full-time leaders who are willing to not eat for 30 hours to stretch your teenagers, because you know how good it is for them!  AND you get to change lives of people you may never meet!

Take a few minutes right now to stop.

Breathe in.

Listen for what Jesus is saying to you in a new way.

As you head into this weekend, you probably have some roadblocks that you need to get through.

Know that you are not alone.

You will make it.

And lives will be changed!


Can’t wait to hear the stories!