Living water. Can You Taste It?


Picture7When I returned from Malawi last summer I had a peace that I couldn’t explain.

When I think about it, it returns.

A settledness.

A contentment.

An ok-ness.

A not needing muchness.

There was a song on my spotify playlist that said it well.

“And I have a peace that I don’t understand

when I know where I stand with you.

And I already have everything I need

And You’re all that I have to lose.”

Matt Hammitt – You Are My Treasure

Come to think of it, there’s a verse in the Bible that tells us what God does…

11 God makes his people strong. God gives his people peace. (Psalm 29:11 MSG)

We visited villages in the Mutendere area. I saw with my own eyes all that God was able to do with simple levels of obedience and love expressed through faith and action. Each night, as we returned to our hotel, I could feel it. My heart was becoming more and more peaceful.

Worries were replaced with gratitude. Fear replaced with courage. First world pride replaced with third world presence. I was starting to become even more me, because I was getting closer to the One who made me.

For one short week I wasn’t in charge of a youth group or in charge of anyone really. Everything was out of my control. And in that inability I grew a renewed sense of trust. When I returned home this experience shifted my focus even further in the direction of missional living empowered by peaceful trust.

Offering teenagers a weekend to give over their choice to eat whenever they want, to become a part of a program where they don’t make the rules or choose the teams, to exercise their faith and ask for help when we are used to not needing any help… all of these things seem so much more vital after having experienced the side effects yourself.

The side effect of seeing what the funds from the 30 Hour Famine do for people around the world are incurable and they have motivated me to put “out of control, out of comfort zone” opportunities into the environments where teenagers gather in our church more often.

– I want them to have this same peace that I have felt.

– To be able to sit in a crowd knowing that they are OK.

– I want them to be able to understand the fullness of their own creation.

– To be able to say out loud, I believe God created me for a purpose.

– I want them to be able to see what little acts of love can do.

– To be able to offer love without hesitation or fear of abandonment or judgement.

– I want them to be able to melt their own condescending attitudes at the refiners fire.

– To be able to grasp how much God loves all people.

I breath in deep, remembering that peace; how it causes me to slow.

It reminds me of some families who are singing songs and dancing around the world over full storehouses and pass down cows. They don’t really care what time it is or if you have time to dance. They dance because they are grateful and so thankful.

If only I could bottle that stuff up and drink it in everyday.

Maybe we can?

Maybe we do when we remember and reorient our lives around that remembrance.

Christ did promise food and drink that would satisfy. Living water. Ah. Can you taste it?

Maybe it’s time to do that–right now, where we live.

Let’s sing songs and dance because we’re thankful to be right where we are, in the beautiful pouring out of God’s grace.