The Largest Single Weekend Youth Movement in the USA


Mark Oestreicher, Partner, The Youth Cartel

I’m not sure how to verify this, but I’m pretty sure that this weekend will be the largest single weekend youth movement in the country. Whether you have 5 teenagers or 100 participating in your 30 Hour Famine this weekend, be sure to remind your students that they are part of something MASSIVE!
Think of it this way. This weekend alone:

+ 112,000 teenagers will choose to give up food for 30 hours in the pursuit of learning about hunger and making a real-life difference in the lives of hungry children around the world.
+ Just over 3,000 Famine groups will participate.

+ Millions of dollars will be raised. Remember: $1 feeds a child for a day, $30 feeds a child for a month, $360 feeds a child for a year.

Get this: as a result of THIS WEEKEND (not the whole year), approximately:

+ 11,667 otherwise hungry children will be fed for an entire year.
+ Or, 140,000 otherwise hungry children will be fed for a month.

That’s a lot of happy tummies. Talk about an amazing impact!

There’s some special National Date stuff we want to make sure you’re aware of:

+ We created a grip of new videos just for this national weekend. You’ll be able to find them on the Famine site; or you can see them all directly on YouTube:
Famine Moment photo contest (on Facebook): Submit a photo of your favorite Famine activity — a unique fundraiser, the TRIBE game captured in action, students joined in prayer — whatever moment you found most memorable. Make sure to include a short caption with your photo. Once submissions are in, don’t forget to have your youth vote daily and share the link with their friends! By submitting, your group is eligible to win a 5-foot Xorbee, a pizza party and Famine gear! The submission period goes through Wednesday, May 1. Then we’ll open it up for voting!
FAMINE HUB: Starting Friday morning, the 30 Hour Famine website will be taken over by… you! Everything posted on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc. with the hashtag #30HF or #30hourfamine will be fed to the Famine home page! Leaders and students can find their posts featured here, and can also see what groups around the country are doing.

I hope you know how much we appreciate you. We know that hosting the Famine with a group of teenagers is a lot of work. We’ll be praying for you all weekend (really, we’re not just saying that!). Personally, I’ll be praying that God gives you a glimpse of the impact you’re having as you serve him in this powerful way.