After many hours of Study Tour submission videos… this is what I’ve learned


459808_10151503397209681_1421779629_oNikki Myers, Famine Team

I am pretty confident that as I write this, I will get a confused call from our IT department asking why on earth I’ve spent so many hours on YouTube this week. Well, it’s been for good reason and yes, it’s part of my job!

Last week, we received a lot of applications for this years’ 2013 Study Tour to Ethiopia. I am blown away by the passion, creativity and the heart for others that I have seen in so many of our Famine students! Watching these 3 min videos has been such a humbling reminder of why the Famine program exists.

A few things I have come to realize going through this process:

–        These students, (as you know), will change the world. They will go on to be missionaries, teachers, and work in ministry or the non-profit sector. They will impact those in their direct circle and those they come in contact with, even if only for a brief amount of time. I know, because in 3 short minutes, I was impacted by them.

–        They care a lot about these issues and want proof of the change they are making. We rely on you (leaders) to update your students throughout the year on their impact through Famine, so like us on Facebook to get updates on how your funds are being used and how your group can stay involved.

–        Fundraising can be awkward. Many teens made a point to mention this in their video. We completely understand the fear of asking people for donations but it’s such an important part of what we do. Because of the money your group raises, families can now grow food on their own! Hundreds of thousands of lives have been completely changed because of these “awkward” moments. So thank you for encouraging your students to do this part.

–        On the subject of fundraising, you don’t need to have a big bold personality to be a big bold fundraiser. Some of the gentlest spirits fundraised huge amounts.

–        There are some crazy talented students out there with video production skills. Leaders, utilize them!

–        I have a pretty sweet job. I get to go with some of these kids to Ethiopia! I don’t know who they are yet… but I am already pumped.

The next two weeks will be a huge challenge as we can only take 8-10 of these incredible students. It has been such a privilege to meet some of the faces across the country and hear how the Famine has affected their life. Thank you for investing in your students and teaching them about the heart of God.