How did the 30 Hour Famine Impact You?



Matt Joldersma, Minister of Youth, First Presbyterian Church of Lake Wales, FL

Why did God have you do the 30 Hour Famine?  You.  Not your friend with the hair.  You.

Did it test your faith?  Did it grow your prayer life?  Did it strengthen your Christian commitment?  I hope so.  And more.  After all you have 8,735.81277 hours to live before the next 30 Hour Famine.  Going forward we need to ask some good questions.  Questions like, how did it affect your body?  Your mind?

For example:

What has become of your eyes and ears now?  What irreversible work has God done to them in 30 hours of seeking his kingdom first (Matthew 6:33)?  Are your eyes now more keen to noticing the needs of others which they might have instinctively shifted from before?  Are your ears more tuned to hear the cries of the poor over the ear buds stuck in them?  How do the “important” conversations around your lunch table ring to you now?

What has happened to your taste buds?  Are they more jubilant and responsive now for having passed around a cup of suffering with others?  What of your other tastes?  How will you figure in fashion?  How will you look at the $30 put into your hand for babysitting this Friday?  And what has become of your fingers?  Do they push your homework pen along the pages more resolutely for the sake of those whose fingers can only push seeds into dry earth and pray?

Why did God have you do the 30 Hour Famine?

Well, we know from Scripture that God is conforming believers to the image of his Son (Romans 8:29).  What a high honor.  You are being made into one who thinks and feels like Jesus.  You are becoming one who loves the world like Jesus loves the world (John 3:16).  Do you believe it? You are becoming one who righteously rages at oppression (Matthew 23:15).  You are becoming one who sniffs at injustice (Isaiah 56:1).  God is changing you.

God is preparing you to do his will on earth as it is in heaven. You.  It doesn’t happen in 30 hours.  It happens 30 hours at a time.  Your finishing the 30 Hour Famine is not an end.  It’s a powerful beginning.

So, for the next 8,735.81277 hours, look at the world intently with your 30 Hour Famine eyes.  Listen to it carefully with your 30 Hour Famine ears. Touch it purposefully with your 30 Hour Famine fingers.  Taste it distinguishingly with your 30 Hour Famine tongue.  Sniff it sensitively with your 30 Hour Famine nose.  By God’s grace these are no longer what they once were.  Neither are you who you once were.  God had you do the 30 Hour Famine for a reason (Matthew 5:16).