Q & A with the Faminterns: Meet Kristina & Margaret!


Q & A with the Faminterns! Meet our totally passionate, fun, driven, (kinda-kooky) interns, Kristina & Margaret:

Q: What’s your story (school, where you live) you know…the basics.

Kristina: Last year I graduated from Anderson University near Indianapolis, Indiana! I’m originally from Normal, Illinois (yes—it’s a real town) and until coming to World Vision I had never lived anywhere besides the Midwest. I am becoming a huge fan of mountains.

Margaret: After spending my whole life in a suburb of Milwaukee, WI, 3 years ago I made the venture to Missouri to follow my passion for Journalism/Photography and attend University of Missouri- Columbia. I never thought I’d end up in the middle of nowhere Missouri, but there God transformed my life. I’ve always wanted to live in the Pacific NW, so being in Seattle for the summer is literally a dream come true!

Q: What brought you to World Vision?

Kristina: World Vision came onto my radar on Christmas about seven years ago. Instead of buying me a present that year, my older sister decided to sponsor a child for me. I was so moved and continued following my passion for humanitarian work throughout college by interning at various non-profits. I hope to use this experience to further my passion for supporting developing communities in Jesus’ name.

Margaret: I did the 30 Hour Famine in high school and it was definitely an experience that impacted my life and really began to fuel my heart for the world and global humanitarian work. It was the first time that I realized that I could make a real difference in the world. Fun fact time! I’ve had a pen pal from Uganda (Miriam) that I’ve been writing to since I was 5 (We still keep in contact today!) Even from a young age, God was already breaking my heart for what breaks His. That’s pretty incredible.

Q: What does the future hold for you?

Kristina: After this summer, I will be a full-time volunteer for one year with a domestic Peace Corps program called AmeriCorps: City Year. I will spend my days working in a diverse, low-income elementary school in Seattle, Washington. After City Year I plan to pursue my dream career in a faith-based humanitarian organization. Maybe I’ll be the next president of World Vision, what do you think?

Margaret: I still have another year at Mizzou, so after this summer I’m heading back to Missouri to finish my degree and ultimately graduate! Beyond that I have no idea what’s in-store! Hopefully something in Christian humanitarian work, maybe even abroad… and if it’s anything that involves taking photos, I’m SO there.

Q: C’mon, don’t be shy. What’s your guilty pleasure/quirky fact?

Kristina: My guilty pleasure is definitely the TV show Pretty Little Liars. And yes, I STILL love the song “Call Me Maybe.” #embarrassingmaybe

Margaret: Being left-handed is kinda quirky, right? (Well so is Kristina, so I guess that makes it less unique…) As far as guilty pleasures go, even though my roommate would never admit it, we have been known to jam out (quite loudly) to Taylor Swift on occasion. But don’t tell anyone in the indie-rock scene, okay?

Q: You, in a nutshell….ready, go!

Kristina: I love anything and everything Tina Fey. I rescued one extremely poofy cat named Marvin. He is the most perfect creature on the planet. In high school I was in cheerleading and marching band, which means that I had to march at half-time in my cheerleading uniform. I love food and I love to cook! My newest favorite recipe? Black bean brownies. I expect you to Google them immediately—they are life-changing. My family has hosted numerous exchange students in my lifetime; therefore I like to tell people that I have siblings from 11 different countries.

Margaret: Death Cab Cutie has been my favorite band since 7th grade. I love photography ( I’m a Canon girl). My number one thing to do while living in the PNW is visit Portland. I drink way too much coffee. Black. Working at Starbucks will do that to you. I want to go to Africa more than anything. Jesus is the greatest thing that ever happened to me. Period. (cheesy. But completely, totally, crazily true)