Team Ethiopia 2013


Study Tour applications are such an exciting time for our team. We love getting to meet so many students through their videos, hear their stories and see how the Lord has used this experience. It is encouraging, humbling and so hard to narrow it down to only 10 students! Thank you to everyone who applied, we were so impressed by all of you. After much prayer, discussion and thought we have selected the students for this years’ Study Tour. Without further ado… meet

Team Ethiopia!!


Adam. 15. East Greenwich, Rhode Island
“I’m probably one of the weirdest people you’ll ever meet…but in a good way of course.”-Adam.              He said it, not us! Adam radiates with a passion for cooking, 70s music and caring for others. His unique and hilarious Study Tour application caught our attention and after talking with him further we knew his joyful spirit and uncanny wisdom were qualities this team would benefit from and his heart for others would truly grow from this experience.


Ashtin. 16. Sun, Louisiana

From the moment you meet Ashtin, she’ll have you laughing out loud. Contrary to her picture posted above, Ashtin has a deeply-seeded issue with birds (apparently penguins are the exception). Ashtin’s genuine spirit shines through her intriguing humor. She has participated in the Famine for 6 years and was chosen as a student representative on her church’s board to select a new pastor, which demonstrates her unmistakable wisdom and excitement to further the global church!


Caitlin. 17. Jackson, Michigan

In Caitlin’s own words: “I’m a lover of coffee, coffee shops, coffee shop music, conversations over coffee, and all things coffee.” Other than being completely obsessed with coffee, Caitlin has a spiritual centeredness that is distinctly different from most 17-year-olds. She brought wisdom to the table that made our team take a step back and think about our spiritual health, stating, “I used to love my beliefs more than I love God.” Caitlin will be an amazing ambassador for 30 Hour Famine and for Christ’s Kingdom in the years to come.


Caryann. 16. Clarkston, Michigan

Caryann’s trip to Ethiopia will be her first out-of-country experience! Her longing to have a deeper understanding of the 30 Hour Famine ministry and to gain meaningful relationships from her experience was something that truly set her apart. When Caryann isn’t busy being the sweetest, most empathetic girl you’ll ever meet, she can be found listening to acapella music or hunting for thrift shop steals!


Erin. 19. Massapequa, New York

When Erin was asked if she wanted to share something unique about herself, she said, “I’m a lot of fun!” Anyone that has met Erin would definitely agree that she is, in fact, a lot of fun. However, when it comes time to get things taken care of, Erin is the woman for the job. She is extremely passionate about serving others, and even created an advisory board to get children in her community to partner with children around the world. There is no doubt she will continue to lead amazing efforts upon her return from Ethiopia.


HP. 17. Charlotte, North Carolina

When he isn’t fishing, playing guitar, or playing football, you can find HP at youth group mentoring younger students or… making random sound effects (which we are both nervous and excited to hear in Ethiopia). HP’s leadership qualities were seen in his application and spoken so highly of in his letters of reference. His passion for the Famine is so evident and we are excited to be able to offer him a spot on this years’ trip.


Jenna. 17. Clarendon Hills, Illinois

Jenna has the type of presence that makes you comfortable the second you meet her. Her passion for life is contagious and her intentionality with people is so evident.  She is a HUGE country music fan, always eats dessert first and loves watching and playing sports. Jenna’s passion for ministry, specifically medical ministry, will take her far in life and we can’t wait to see where she ends up someday!


Spencer. 14. Barrington, Illinois

Spender loves to play soccer, watch the Chicago Blackhawks, and watch movies (his favorite is Lawrence of Arabia!). Self-proclaimed WWII buff, he is the youngest student that will be going on the Study Tour to Ethiopia this year; however, he is wise beyond his years. When asked whether he would like to spend his life working in ministry, he answered, “any job you do is a ministry.” Point taken, Spencer—we can’t wait to see how this trip will transform you and impact your future!


Tess. 17 (almost 18!) Dublin, OH

Tess was not selected for the team just because she loves to organize (when she was little she used to organize the movie bin at the video store for fun), although it will come in handy! Tess is an incredible young woman with an eloquence and compassion for others that is truly amazing. She is a Famine veteran having participated 6 times and for the last 3 years has led the event at her church. We are so excited to hear see how she will share and tell her story when she returns!



Wade. 17. Creedmoor, North Carolina

Wade is truly one of a kind. He describes himself as “strong-willed, outgoing, and caring”—all things that catch your eye immediately after talking with him for just a few minutes. When Wade isn’t hanging out with kids or playing sports, you can find him doing anything and everything associated with the outdoors! Wade’s service-oriented heart and commitment to youth ministry are extremely impressive, and will be a constant benefit to this year’s Study Tour team.