Teenagers Make a Big Difference Combating World Hunger


Adam McLane, Partner at The Youth Cartel

This week, the World Vision blog is highlighting the work of World Vision in the area of hunger. One of the people asked to highlight hunger was Hilary Hilpert from the 30 Hour Famine team.

She shared:

“When youth pastors lead their students through the Famine, they’re challenging them to be part of something bigger than themselves — to take action for God’s kingdom and help save the lives of hungry kids. Since it began in 1992, students around the country have raised more than $150 million to help combat global hunger through World Vision.” source

Did you catch that number? American teenagers have raised over $150 million to combat the effects of hunger around the world. (For reference: That’s three times the net worth of Taylor Swift! Or two Taylor Swift’s and a Justin Bieber.)

As this video points out: $150 million more than merely an impressive number. It’s also had an unbelievably important impact on some of the world’s children.

One thing I adore about the 30 Hour Famine is that it connects the American teenager, most of whom have never been forced to miss a meal, yet most of whom face different and real nutritional challenges in their lives, with families who really and truly can experience a significantly better life when the realities of hunger are addressed.

The 30 Hour Famine is more than an activity or something to do or even a fundraiser. It’s something real which makes a difference in the everyday lives of people around the world. It’s an opportunity for the whole world to see what activated teenagers can do. While the Famine is impactful to them we must also not lose sight of the fact that it is making a big difference in other people’s lives today.

The Famine gives teenagers a chance to see what they can do. And it sends fair warning to others– this generation is serious about issues like hunger.