Meet David Pitts


chicago marathon finish

What’s your nickname?  Shunkle Shave  (It’s Uncle Dave morphed by my honorary nephews who still call me this).  Or Dirty Data Dave. But my “rule” around my name, you can call me Dave, but in writing it’s David.  I guess that’s a quirk below too!

Where are you from? The Golden State of California

What do you do on the 30 Hour Famine team? I am the small engine behind the scenes that makes things run. I get to work on the operational aspects of the 30 Hour Famine which allows me to work with some amazing teams like the 30 Hour Famine Customer Service Team (who make and receive calls and email), the Data Entry /  Donation Processing Team (enter all requests that come in through the mail and receive the 30 Hour Famine Donations) and our fulfillment crew (they send out all the kits and mailings).  I also work on the business side of things.  Working with data, creating reports, working on the fund allocations (where your money goes), budget and a ton of other things.

What do you love most about the Famine? I LOVE how 30 Hour Famine provides a tool for Youth Pastors to put on a meaningful event for Students. I have been working with the 30 Hour Famine since 1991 and in 2012 and 2013 I finally participated with my own youth group. It was so amazing to see young people get behind something and make a real difference.

What does an awesome day off look like for you? Somewhere in the wilderness, around a campfire cooking some s’mores.

How did you come to World Vision?  I am a WVK (World Vision Kid).  My Father started working at WV when I was around 4 years old and my mother started soon after that.  I started in the call center during Winter and Summer break while going to college.  Then I got sucked in and have been here ever since.

Hardest food to give up during the Famine: We give up food?  Ok, Double-Double In-N-Out burger.

Tell us something quirky about you: My friends call me a crock-pot.  Lots of people think I am quiet and shy.  But that’s not the case.  I am methodical so my mind is spinning.  But once I warm up and get going, you can’t keep me quiet.