Meet Hilary: The face behind all the tweets, posts & Instagrams!


Hilary 2Where are you from? A little country town in Washington called Fall City (one hour east of Seattle). If you blink, you will miss it! Even though I’ve been gone for more than 7 years, Fall City still feels like “home.” It was an incredible place to be raised.

What’s your nickname? Ah, there are so many! The most popular ones: Chip (I chipped two front teeth in the same year!), Hilbill, Hilpy (only at work though), Hiw, and Tisdale (I’ve been told I look like Ashley Tisdale from High School Musical…I beg to differ.) Oh, for a brief stint in college I was referred to as ‘Pita’ because of my crazy obsession with Pita Pit (three in one day is my record).

How’d you end up on the 30 Hour Famine team? I actually started as an intern on World Vision’s media team during my last semester of college! It was my role to get reporters to cover local 30 Hour Famine events around the country. I fell in love with the program, and became a staff member one year later (internships pay off, people!).

What do you do on the 30 Hour Famine team? I’m the lucky one with two different roles on the team. First, I’m the gal behind every tweet (@30HF), Facebook post, and Instagram (@30hf). Second, I work with Dan (our Marketing Manager), on all the materials we ship out to you! We work directly with our fabulous creative folks who work on the leaders guide, rewards, TRIBE games, emails, postcards, you name it!

What do you love most about the 30 Hour Famine? As the social media manager, I LOVE hearing from you: our 30 Hour Famine leaders & students! I’ve been brought to tears by your stories of transformation, I’ve laughed till my stomach hurts with the videos you’ve shared, and I’ve learned many ways we can do our jobs better! As far as the 30 Hour Famine program goes: I love that the experience help teenagers start to think outside of themselves. Middle school & high school can be a pretty darn selfish period in our lives (I know it was for me). But for an entire weekend, hundreds of thousands of students are thinking of others, praying for others, fundraising for others, going without for others…and it’s changing the world.

What does an awesome day off look like for you? Not waking up to an alarm! Then… coffee, brunch with people I love, maybe a bit of thrift shopping, and I’d finish off the day with frozen yogurt (original tart, topped with berries and gummy bears, and granola. Best combo.).

Hardest food to give up during the Famine: See quirk #3 below.

Tell us something quirky about you: I’ll tell you three. 1) I hate cilantro more than just about anything in the world. I tell restaurants I’m allergic to ensure it doesn’t touch my food (yep, I’m THAT annoying person). 2) I used to be very OCD as a child. I googled techniques to “cure” myself and it worked! (It worked, it worked, it worked, it worked)… bad joke, I know. 3) Cream cheese Hotdogs (a Seattle delight) is my favorite food. I could eat them all day. In fact, I’m getting married in 3 months (yahoo!) and I’m having cream cheese hotdog carts cater the wedding. My fiancé didn’t even try to argue this one!