We know that summer can be crazy-busy. We also know your group is passionate about changing the world. So, here’s a classic, easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy way for you and your students to help kids in need before summer passes us by. One word: Faminade.

It doesn’t matter if you’re leading the Famine this summer or months from now—it’s as good a time as any to continue to help hungry kids! Host a #Faminadestand. A summer classic with a life-saving twist.

Here’s how

Rally the troops, grab some cups, make lemonade, and GO: Make posters, promote it at your church — whatever it takes.  You can host one BIG Faminade stand in your community, scatter around the city, take over the foyer and parking lot after church, or grab 2 or 3 student leaders and let them run the whole thing!

Faminade Time:  Sell the cups of lemonade for a buck (with extra room for donations), and say: “Each cup we sell will feed a child for a day!” Cuz that’s the truth. Every dollar we receive at World Vision will feed a child for a whole day. Who knew lemons could save lives? More facts: http://30hourfamine.org/wordpress/hunger-facts/

Get social with us: Document your experience. Facebook, Tweet and Instagram your memories and amazingness you created with your Faminade Stand. Make sure to include #Faminadestand or #Faminade in all of your posts!

Earn prizes: Get those creative (lemon) juices flowing. We’ll be on the lookout on the social sphere, and will be highlighting, and sending prizes to creative groups! Just use our hashtag!

So join us. You’re ready.  Get out and do it. Thank you for all you do to help change lives—across the world, and with the youth you serve each and every day.